“Proof of Scan” challenge

According to the previous story sharing out just general thoughts about the 3D physical objects Digital Transformation problem. It would be challenging to dive deeper into the issue of stable-shaped objects transformation like pieces of natural rock, vehicles, precious stones, jewelry, art objects, real estate, etc… but it seems to be solvable though. And I suggest that we consider the way how to do that in general.

3D solid object Digital Transformation processing

First of all, let’s take a look at the issue from technical point of view. What’s the Digital Transformation of those kind of objects is? It’s definitely the way of transformation 3D object shape and the other significant properties into the strong stable Hash ID inherent to the original object. As long as it must’ve been recoverable by means of the properties’ processing. We might call this algorithm like “Proof of Scan” which, obviously, has to be based on shape recognition technology. Because the shape is certainly the most important property of any solid 3D object ever. For example, if you got to measure the weigh, hardness and density of a piece of stone, you’ll never be able to identify it, even though if you used all of those properties together. But if you had the shape recognized, it would be enough to leverage just a combination of two, like “shape + weight”.

Overall, the input of the algorithm is a 3D object shape (e.g. 3D model, video streaming, whatever) + a bunch of additional measurable properties. And the output is the strong Hash ID which must’ve stayed constant whatever much times you would’ve processed the object’s properties. But those properties’ particular data might differ from one time to another. For example, we’ve got two 3D models of the same object. Apparently, there might be quite a few certain math algorithms solving this issue. And each one could’ve fit the best to the particular industry or application area. Well, it’s up to the community…

The other hand, the recognition technology is just the part of the solution because the actual market need is to utilize objects as digital assets. So, this requires to launch the special Open Source decentralized p2p network focused on Digital Transformation of 3D objects purposes and its providing the tools for everyone to manage their assets.

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