Multi-object feature

2 min readJan 7, 2021


In this article I’m going to attempt to consider a Hash ID created not just from one real world object but from several ones which might be either a few 3D objects or some properties of one’s like weight, clarity, density, owner’s biometric data, etc. For example, it might be some combinations like this:

Hash 1 = object shape + weight + clarity;
Hash 2 = 1st object shape + 2nd object shape + owners iris scan;
Hash 3 = object shape + weight + owner’s fingerprint…

All of those property values represent an additional seed data the Hash ID would be created from. And this is nothing but multi factor authentication where 3D shape is the main factor but the other properties are the additional ones.

In those examples:
The object shape and weight are “something that you have” factors. The owner’s biometric data is “something that you are” factor. The information about the object is a seed data is “something that you know” factor. And it works similar to multi signature with several keys involved. The lack of any of them would mean losing ability to recover the initial Hash ID.

Let’s discuss some possible applications of multi-object hashes, despite there are a lot of variations:

  1. “object shape + additional properties” combination gives us the physical object authenticity.

2. “object_1 shape + object_2 shape” combination might be used as a multi-factor-password (2Fa) in order to recover which both objects are required.

3. “object shape + additional properties + owner’s biometric data” combination is obvious and it means either the object + its owner authentication and the object hash check protection. For example, nobody can check the object’s authenticity without the fingerprint matched. It’s useful when it comes to expensive diamonds or another assets.

4. “object shape + owner’s biometric data” is an interesting combination because it has at least two useful applications. First one is assignment the owner of a good which usually has a predictable shape like a box or a car. A box itself can’t give a strong hash because of the regular shape but in conjunction with the owner’s biometric data it becomes more than unique. Second one is the multi-factor password.

To think, all of those multi-object-hash examples are just small bunch of possible applications related to real assets and goods. And it definitely brings us to conclusion that’s the flexible way of connection of real world with the digital one.




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