How to earn 3DPass coins (P3D)

2 min readJan 18, 2023


In this article I would like to pay attention to the actual ways of earning 3dpass coins (P3D). Let’s dive into it.


First and the most obvious way to earn P3D is to mine it. Recognition technology, the Proof of Scan consensus is based on, always consumes power to be able to distinguish original objects from fakes. It avoids any concerns about uselessness of those calculations and provides the opportunity for miners to maintain the network and get rewarded for that. Block author gets 70% block rewards.

How to set up mining
Rewards curve | Mainnet online telemetry


There is a validator set providing deterministic finality to 3dpass blockchain. Validators represent the most reliable nodes on the network, which are eligible to vote upon Best chain, and thus, prevent the chain from getting reorganized. Validators set gets 30% block rewards, and the SLA (Service Level agreement) is suppose to be followed. There is also a selection threshold which requires validators’ funds to be locked in a collateral. This provides an opportunity for both investors and miners to become a validator.

How to become a validator

Airdrop campaign

There is an airdrop campaign which allows for either BTC or ETH holders to get some P3D and make impact to fair distribution. BTC or ETH address ownership proof is required.

How to participate the Airdrop


3DPass grant program allows for developers to create something useful or propose a project to run within 3DPass Eco system.

How to apply


Being Layer 1 Coin, 3DPass is available to trade:


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3Dpass is an open source Layer 1 decentralized blockchain platform for the tokenization of objects