3D objects Digital Transformation

Since blockchain first got started years ago, hundreds coins appeared on the market providing issuing tokens and smart contracts in hope of spread wide implementation. But 99% tokens issued by now are backed by digital assets which don’t have anything to do with real goods and services (usually, they are fiat currencies, shares, offerings, etc). So here is an application problem, isn’t it? Because in real world the main bunch of transactions are related to physical objects or services that refer to them. As we’re going deeper it becomes obvious that Digital Transformation of real objects is a key to get access to trillions p2p deals making all over the world. Seems like all we need to do is to transform real objects into digital assets so that anyone and anytime might’ve got the evidence of the object’s authenticity.

From the first sight the issue looks too tough but there are a lot of examples moving forward rapidly. First of all is a face recognition technology and tons of ML projects. Why are they concentrating on the shape recognition? It’s pretty clear that shape is the crucial property of any 3D object. If you’d got the shape identified you could’ve added the rest few properties like weight, clarity, density, owner’s biometric data, etc. and reliably identify the entire object by several signs.

Then let’s just imagine if we could’ve reduced all types of objects to one most common type which is solid objects that have a stable shape. This way we might’ve simplified our transformation issue and solve it for so many different things we make deals with, such as: precious stones, vehicles, appliances, real estate, art objects, jewelry, etc. As a bonus we’ll definitely get the method of generating and recovery of passwords based on the real objects. And these issue seems like solvable and finally able to turn the blockchain world into real.



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3DPass is an open source Layer 1 decentralized blockchain platform for the tokenization of objects