3D objects as passwords

Since the encryption first was applied people haven’t invented solution for storage the passwords better than a piece of paper. But the piece of paper as well is safe as it’s easy to lose or damage without any ability to recover. This is the well known issue looks like if you’re just using encrypted storage for your passwords, you’ll definitely need to store the encryption password. But if you’re not, that means you have all your passwords open. So, more than often, people leverage the piece of paper to store the most important passwords being afraid of unreliability of USB flash memory drive.

To date, the widespread technology for recovery of passwords is a seed phrase the password might be recovered from. But this way just makes good password less stronger providing only back up function at a time. Not to mention, the way people are losing parts of their passwords just by “copy and paste”.

What about using 3D real world objects as passwords? To be certain, as a seed for the password creation… When it comes to random-shaped objects like a piece of natural rock we come across too really good seed data. This data is hidden by the object shape, it’s not open as if it was a piece of paper. This data is stored on the reliable data carrier resistant from water, solar radiation, temperature, mechanical influences unlike it was a flash drive. This data is protected by design from damage of negligent “copy and paste”,e.g. in order to damage the seed data you have to deform the piece of rock, not a paper.

It looks like all we need to do is to transform the object shape into the strong stable hash id, as mentioned in previous articles. 3D scanning function is more than available now on smartphones and tablets, which allows everyone to jump into new reality of Digital Transformation.



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